ADI Celebrates 15 Years of Technology

Technology - Past, Present and Future 

For most of us remembering what we did last week is a stretch, so remembering what was going on 15 years ago is most likely impossible. But for some it might be easier than for others! Take Tom Brady, for example. He (and the New England Patriots) we’re doing exactly what they did a few weeks ago . . . winning the Super Bowl.

February also marks a milestone for Adaptive Data . . . our 15th anniversary, though unofficially we’ve been around for longer than that. In the past 15 years a lot has changed and a lot has remained the same. We’ve grown, but our mission remains the same . . . enabling our clients to increase profitability through the effective use of Auto Identification and labeling technology. No doubt about it, technology has and will continue to evolve.  

What impact has the technology evolution had on ADI? 

“The first thing that comes to mind, and maybe the most impactful, is the way we’re able to deploy and support customers by using cloud-based technology." This according to ADI's President, Tim Gribler. 

This sentiment is echoed by Senior Account Manager, Mike Barker, saying, “The internet has given us a lot of capability for remote support, remote access and the general transfer of information back and forth.”

Beyond making it much easier to communicate with and support customers, technology is transforming our lives in many ways. The Internet of Things is a reality and it's a game changer.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

What is IoT?  In a study commissioned by Zebra Technologies, Forrester Consulting defines IoT as, "Connected world solutions, that leverage machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies (including sensor, GPS technology, and RFID tags) to link physical assets to analytics and control systems through the internet."

"Smart" devices for personal use have been around for a while. Devices like the Nest Thermostat and Fitbit are two popular examples. But smart technology is moving to the enterprise. According to the same study, businesses are turning to smart, interconnected devices "to get more visibility into the identification, location, and condition of products, assets, or people to drive more effective and timely business decisions . . ."

We see this in the products being launched by our manufacturing partners, like Zebra and Honeywell. "These "smart" solutions are enabling plant managers, operations managers and IT managers to get all types of data, reporting, and visibility from the shop floor without anybody ever having to leave their office"said Tim Gribler.

And who knows how technology will evolve in the next 15 years. But for our Technical Manager, Jevon Kennedy, "The sky's the limit." In addition to waking you up, "perhaps your smart watch will send a message to your coffee pot to start brewing your morning coffee and fill your dog's bowl with his morning kibble. I think we're close to the age of the Jetson's . . . I'm not sure about flying cars, but who knows."

A Look Back at 2002

Computer - 2002.png
  • You most likely owned a flip-phone. It wasn’t smart, but probably had a camera.
  • Your computer may have looked like this.
  • You may have started using Foxfire, as the first public version was launched that year.
  • The Euro became the official currency of the European Union.
  • The Department of Homeland Security was created by George Bush.
  • You paid around $1.61 for a gallon of gas.
  • You may have starting watching a new show called American Idol.
  • Walmart filed Chapter 11, making them the largest American retailer to do so.
  • And for all you sports fans . . .
  • Brazil won the World Cup
  • The Lakers were the NBA champs
  • Maryland beat Indiana for the NCAA championship
  • Detroit won the Stanley Cup
  • The Angels won the World Series
  • And as was mentioned before, the Patriots won the Super Bowl

Tell us what you were doing in 2002!