BarTender Label Software Helps Chemical Manufacturer Manage Labeling

BarTender Simplifies GHS Labeling

BarTender, label and barcode creation software, is also a great tool for managing label formats. This capability is illustrated in a case study, where using BarTender, Adaptive Data helped a specialty chemical manufacturer in Ohio reduce label files from 9,000 to less than 30.

How? By using using the layering and conditional formatting features available in BarTender.

GHS Regulation


Like many in the chemical industry, the need to comply with OSHA’s GHS mandate drove the complete redesign of the company’s labeling system.

Managing variable data was also a big issue. The company focuses on a variety of specialized product lines for diverse industries, as well as production of industrial lubricants, cleaners, and sanitizers for the food industry. In many cases, the products they manufacture require different brand names for a single product, despite identical ingredients. In addition, several products’ labels require certification information, including toxicity spec numbers for chemicals, Kosher or Halal practices for food products or EPA’s DfE stamp for industrial cleaning products.

BarTender Intelligent Templates

Initial estimates were that the company could reduce their 9000label files to 70 or 80. But after the initial deployment, the final tally was 24. BarTender’s Intelligent Templates™ and the layering capabilities that they provide allowed the company the adaptability to do so. Each of the company’s new BarTender label templates includes layers for regulatory, product and branding information as well as images required for industry certification.

Cost and Time Saving Benefits

The new system is scalable and agile, and can rapidly align to business needs. It has realized cost savings and reduced the hours required to manage product labeling by:

  • Increased accuracy

  • Waste reduction

  • Capturing process efficiencies