Technology Connects Mobile Healthcare Workforce

"Clinical Smartphones" Enhance Patient Care

"The Connected Clinician: Revolutionizing Acute Care Nursing" published by Honeywell, outlines how technology is enhancing patient care and safety.

Connecting clinicians with information anytime, anywhere is key. 

  • Connecting clinicians to their care team - "The connection to the care team is one of the most important connections in modern patient care."

  • Connecting clinicians to patients and their data - clinical smartphones make information instantly available and eliminate the need to find a PC or WoW cart to look-up information

  • Faster, more effective responses for greater patient satisfaction - "The single most important factor in patient satisfaction scores is a patient's belief that their nurse is there for them and in contact with them."

  • Connecting clinicians to the internet-of-things - with information at their finger tips, it's common for a nurse to have up to 10 apps on their smart phone to look up things like drug interaction information.

Honeywell CT50h "Clinical Smartphone"

Learn about the Dolphin CT50h, Honeywell's "clinical smartphone".