Barcode Label Printing Automates an Unlikely Venue

Barcode Printing Automates Church Raffle

For many of us the weekends are a time to push away from our desks for a few days.  But on at least one weekend a year, ADI sales rep Mike Barker takes his knowledge of label printing systems into the weekend for his church’s festival. 

The festival at St. John’s is the largest public event in the city of West Chester, Ohio with crowds topping 30,000 visitors over the 3-day event.  Mike is using barcode printing to automate ticket purchases for the basket raffle which has grown to more than 90 baskets.

An Evolving Print Solution

St. John’s festival has been going on for over 20 years, but it wasn’t until 12 years ago that automating the ticket process began.  “Lazy Label” was created, which printed contact information on a laser label that was then adhered to the raffle ticket. “Nobody wants to write their name and phone number hundreds of times” says Mike.  This first step in automation added a “convenience factor” and buyers were more than willing to pay the $1 premium for this service.    

Three years ago, the process was upgraded again to laser printed tags, eliminating the need for both a label and a ticket, but the process was still somewhat slow and the cost of the tag was expensive.  

Automation is Driving Ticket Sales

150 raffle tickets print in seconds!

The current solution, put in place last year, uses a four-inch wide industrial printer, printing a direct thermal tag.  Along with contact information, a barcode is also printed, allowing raffle winners to be validated by scanning the winning ticket. And with the addition of the barcode, it is much harder to counterfeit tickets, making the current printing solution fast, low-cost and secure.  

Expediting the process has increased ticket sales, which have steadily grown over the years. This year Mike estimates they will print 150,000 raffle tickets, validating that automation, even in a "non-traditional" application, leads to positive results.