Play Ball!!

It’s that time of year again!  The boys of summer take the field for six glorious months of America’s favorite past time!  Here in Cincinnati, Opening Day is a National Holiday and the city comes out in a big way for the home team.  I’m sure it’s the same for baseball cities across the US.   

So what does Opening Day have to do with the technology space we play in?  These days, barcode and RFID technologies are playing a more important role not only in baseball, but across professional sports. 

 Security and Convenience   

For years, possibly decades, tickets to sporting events have been bar coded.  This greatly automates the processes of entering the sporting venue, and adds an invaluable degree of security if you decide either to buy or sell tickets from a third party source. 

Beyond the traditional barcode, RFID is enhancing the fan experience.  “RFID technology provides event organizers and team personnel a way to rethink the fan experience and make every part of it more efficient. With RFID technology, there is no need for a barcode to be scanned entering the stadium. As long as fans have a chip embedded somewhere in their clothing, wallet, or purse, they can simply enter through an RFID-enabled turnstile with relative ease compared to an old-school ticket”


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