Tracking Game Day with RFID

Tracking Game Day with RFID

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With Summer ending and school back in session, many of us trade in the warm weathered pool days for cooler temperature tailgates. Whether you’re an avid fan or not, you will probably agree that football brings a sense of excitement to the fall season. With the change in season, tailgating, cheering on your favorite team(s), keeping track of the game stats (thanks to RFID) quickly becomes a part of your weekly routine.


Over the last 4 seasons, the NFL has partnered with Zebra Technologies to integrate RFID into the game, providing unprecedented data points to the benefit players, coaches and fans. As the “Official On-Field Player Tracking Provider” of the NFL, Zebra RFID tags are embedded in player equipment to track their movements and provide enlightening and interesting information. 

Beginning in 2017, Zebra and Wilson Sporting Goods partnered with the NFL to embed RFID tags in the footballs themselves. With the data from the tagged footballs, media platforms, such as and in-game telecasts, had the ability to leverage this information to enhance fan experience.          

The NFL is continuing to evaluate the RFID data to see how it can be best leveraged by players, coaches, and teams. These advancements prove to be an exciting step in more accurate player tracking and statistics, as well as more accurate calls in the games.


“Locationing” is the technology in use to collect all this information. As defined by Zebra Technologies, “Location Solutions is a comprehensive term referring to technologies used to track the location of a target (an asset or a person) in real or near-real time, usually within a constrained area. Location Solutions technology is paired with location systems to collect data and deliver operational intelligence and context, enabling companies to improve business decisions based on the location data collected.”

For the NFL, tracking players and footballs is the priority. In your business, what’s important for you to track?