Tagit RFID Software

Tagit RFID Software

We’ve talked a lot about RFID . . . the technology, the hardware, the benefits.  There is no doubt, RFID automates the collection of data, a lot of data in fact.  But what you do with all that data once you’ve collected it, is the real key to success.

Data Management with Tagit RFID Software

Recently, ADI installed an RFID inventorying and shipping system for a customer using Tagit Operator software, a suite of application for encoding, validation, packaging, shipping and receiving RFID tagged products.

Tagit Operator software connects to the customer’s ERP system and pulls data directly from the sales orders scheduled for a user specified date range. The “bridge” or connection to the ERP system is seamless with Tagit Operator software. In this case, E2 is the ERP system being used.  It is designed for companies small to large that mainly do manufacturing and provides a seamless environment that controls every aspect of the production work flow to maintain cost effectiveness and production speed.

Encoding with Tagit RFID Software

RFID tags are printed and encoded at the manufacturing line and parts are labeled right from the start. Visibility of all moving parts throughout the manufacturing process is key.  Currently, encoding is done from a centralized station which allows the user to bring up an order, and print and encode the labels for that order. Future plans will be to have a encoding station at each manufacturing line to further streamline the process.

Immediately following production, parts are sent to either an assembly area and then to a staging area or directly to a staging area. Using a handheld reader, the parts are inventoried and the location is updated within the software. With numerous orders being produced at any given time, sometimes with hundreds of line items per order, having visibility and traceability of the production floor was key to their success. 

Validation, Packaging and Shipping with Tagit RFID Software

Once everything for an order has been assembled, the order goes to shipping and RFID is employed to ensure orders are shipped correctly and complete.  RFID portals were installed at each of the 3 dock doors.  As orders are loaded, they must pass through the RFID portal.  The system reads the tags and verifies it against the order being loaded. 

The most interesting part of the software was our connection to the customers back end database which was a bridge to E2.  What made this so special was the seamless way the bridge in the Tagit Operator software connected and talked to the customer’s ERP system.  No custom programming required!! This means that the software didn’t take long to install or set-up on-sight. 

The bridge allows us to configure the database connection in many different ways according to what works best for the customer’s situation. The bridge also allows us to easily refresh order data that is there and will create the entry for us to select that order and print the tags connected.

In phase 2, the customer’s ERP will be updated in real time, allowing them to close out orders in their ERP system, giving them complete visibility of every order in their facility. Eventually, the system will auto-print the packing slip this closing the loop on the order.