Radio Frequency (RF) Site Survey for Optimum Wireless LAN Performance

As companies extend their existing networking infrastructure to include wireless networks, they will need to thoroughly define how wireless technology will be utilized within their organization.For most companies Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN’s) must be more extensive than the existing wired network (LAN), handle an equivalent level of data and provide continuous, clear and reliable signal coverage.

The Importance of a Site Survey The primary objective of a Site Survey is to ensure optimum radio frequency planning, ensuring that users of the WLAN do not experience “drop-outs” as users roam within the WLAN environment. A properly planned environment, ensures optimal performance from your wireless investment. The Site Survey Report will also document any potential impacts of adding a wireless LAN to your existing wired LAN.

Performing a Site Survey provides surveyors with a realistic understanding of infrastructure required for any proposed wireless network deployment. The Site Survey can also assist in predicting trends in network traffic, indicate high load areas and resolve difficult RF interference issues from existing devices or neighboring sites. The collation of all this data enables surveyors to provide solid recommendations for your wireless solution. This allows accurate indicative project costing, optimal network design and appropriate security recommendations.