Janam XG105 Mobile Computer Gets High Marks

By Ron James, Senior Sales Executive, Adaptive Data Inc.

Janam XG MobileRecently I had a chance to spend a little time working with the Janam XG105 mobile computer. The target market for this unit is warehouses, distribution centers, loading docks and other similar environments where you would see a gun-style mobile device being used.

The overall quality – from packaging to the feel of the device – is absolutely on-par with the other industry-leading equipment that we have worked with successfully.

The scanner setup was very easy, and there is an advanced aiming feature that might make a new user on the device feel good in terms of adapting to using a different scanner; once that process is complete the advanced aiming could be turned off for simplified operation and best performance.

I was a little concerned about scanner performance being limited to very short range scanning, but after putting the unit through some typical scanning scenarios this thing is quite usable! I'm seeing easy - 3 to 4 feet reads on a 20 Mil, Code 39 barcode.

I called Tech Support to have them speed me through a couple setup things – they answered straight away, and the gal who picked up the phone answered EVERY question I had quickly.

The battery in the handle is a very nice feature, and the battery latch fits superbly.

The XG105 includes a Summit module which makes the wireless set-up hassle-free . . . this is much easier than with the standard Windows Mobile 6.1 WIFI setup, and the Summit Module software is nicely integrated so that setup is intuitive.

Last, my remarks on the Wavelink TE agent that was bundled with our unit. The TE setup for Wavelink is intuitive, and it appears that they’ve bundled ALL different versions of TE into one option (VT100, 5250, et al). Multiple sessions are also supported, andthe Avalanche TE client was pre-loaded on our unit.

SOTI remote device management is also supported, so a population of these terminals could be managed with a choice of Wavelink or SOTI, which are the two leading remote device management tools.

Overall, I’m impressed, and think this is a great option for anyone looking for a mobile computer. While Janam doesn’t have the “name recognition” as some other manufacturers, my initial feeling is that there is no QUALITY drop-off with this unit. Janam delivers a quality product at a very aggressive price point, so if your company is looking for a cost-effective mobile data collection terminal that does not require super long range scanning, the Janam XG105 is a very viable option.