Managing Costs through Barcoding


By John McBride, Senior Sales Executive, Adaptive Data Inc.

Inventory Management is Key

Whether your business is that of manufacturing products, thus requiring tracking of components and work in process inventory, or distribution that requires the tracking of products moving through your warehouse to be shipped in the proper quantities corresponding to customer orders, there are costs associated with your operations that must constantly be monitored, evaluated, and managed.  Throughout their daily operations, companies try their best to hold down costs while serving their customers as well as possible. Moving product from the receiving door to the shipping dock and tracking all stops in between is at the heart of an effective inventory management system and is required to make certain that customers receive the products they ordered in the time required.

I Dream of Genie

What if a genie could enter your facility, follow your current steps and procedures in tracing product through your operation, and make some of your costs vanish?  Certainly you would be quite pleased with your new found friendship with that genie, especially if significant cost saving were realized annually from that genie's visit.  Would you wish for additional visits from that genie?

Such genies are available through companies such as Adaptive Data Inc. They enter businesses daily, uncovering significant improvements to moving product from one end of the building to the other using the fewest resources possible. The genie most often used is found within the “bottle” known is bar coding.  The efficiencies gained from the use of barcoding have been documented time and again to produce considerable cost cuts for those who have invited these genies to review their operations.

The cost cuts are quite real for areas including; data collection, data entry, inventory accuracy and inventory reduction, shipping accuracy, along with accurately tracing the procedures for work in process. Those who have used these methods have realized cost savings equaling their investment well within a year’s time, often within 6 months. This proves that the money being spent today may often be cut in half for many of your current procedures. Interested? There are a variety of documented cases where such cost cuts have produced greater profits for many companies.

Even for those using automated data collection systems implemented within the past decade, new technologies may deliver additional cost cuts. Examples are available to demonstrate just how real these cost cuts are. What if these cost cuts could be demonstrated to you personally? Would you summon this genie?

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