Three Advantages of Wireless Barcode Scanners

Whether it’s for managing year-end inventory, POS (point of sale) systems, keeping track of important assets, or employee time tracking, nearly every industry and business, small or large, use barcodes to replace manual data entry. By using barcode technology, a user can enter data nearly 20 times faster and do so about 20,000 times more accurately. Depending on the application, a barcode scanner can come in all shapes, sizes, colors and types. Wireless barcode scanners in particular are great for those small business owners looking to increase both productivity and efficiency. Here are a few advantages they have over their wired counterparts.

1. Freedom

Wireless barcode scanners become veritable workhorses, but offer the freedom to roam while staying connected to Bluetooth®. Without the entrapment of cords, this type of barcode scanner allows you to move your scanner to the inventory instead of hauling the inventory to your scanner when it comes time to count that year-end inventory.

2. Increased Durability

Because wireless barcode scanners are ideal for environments where data collecting involves moving around, many times such scanners are built to last. Accidents happen, and when you’re not tied to your computer, the odds of dropping the device are increased. To protect your investment, many scanners are tested to withstand multiple drops to hard surface areas, such as a concrete shipping/receiving floor.

3. Added Range 

When it comes to increasing productivity of your mobile fleet, a wireless barcode scanner is a must. Not only does it allow your employees to track inventory and manage business assets remotely (sometimes up to 160 feet!). But they also allow for additional range by providing internal memory storage. This internal storage will allow you to store multiple barcodes scans, so you’ll never be out of range from the transmitter base. And no task will ever be too much.

Barcode technology is constantly improving and allowing business owners to spend less time with manual data entry and more time running their businesses efficiently.