NiceLabel: Not Just Label Generation Software


By: Mike Barker, Senior Sales Executive - Adaptive Data Inc.

Software Overview

On the surface NiceLabel, the label generation software from Niceware International looks and feels like all the others, but when you dig a little deeper, the differences are quite substantial.

The basic software offers a pretty standard wizard driven software, with drag and drop features making label design a snap. Included is a preview feature that allows you to view the label template before it prints, virtually eliminating errors in printing the wrong label or inaccurate information on the label itself.

Toolset for Application Development

All of this is pretty standard in the label design software out in the market today. But beyond the basics, the NiceLabel software has functionality that is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. What you’ll find is a set of sophisticated software tools that put application development and data accessibility at your fingertips. Yes you heard me correctly . . . application development from label design software.

The software has a sophisticated User Interfaces that allows the user to build easy-to-use applications without programming.  The software also allows total centralized control of label formats, serial and lot data for GMP (Server and Web server based) for distributed WAN applications.

Other features of the software include:

  • Control from other programs using ActiveX, .NET and command line parameters
  • Easy to use Applications that include sophisticated User Interfaces without programming
  • Advanced integration and control with JOB and XML command strips
  • Extensive library of compliance label templates for the automotive, chemical, healthcare, manufacturing, shipping and logistics industries
  • Ability to connect to multiple databases and tables on the same label
  • Ability to add custom instructions, images and hyperlinks
  • Automatic text resizing to fit predefined fields
  • And many more!


It’s all bundled together in a very easy to use, intuitive package. The software provides a powerful interface that has the ability to connect non-related systems that can streamline processes and greatly improve productivity in your business environment.

Click here for a trail version

The bottom line is Niceware offers a full spectrum of labeling software that meets the needs of any customer.

Don’t want to be an application developer? No problem. ADI can do it for you! Give us a call for a consultation.