Zebra Revolutionizes Mobile Computing in the Warehouse

Increase productivity by 14% with the TC8000

Zebra Technologies is starting out 2016 with a bang with the launch of the TC8000 mobile computer. The TC8000's unique design and feature set was the result of almost 5 years of research including extensive human factor studies.  The core of the core of the research was to uncover the challenges warehouse managers face every day and to design a mobile computer that addressed these challenges.

So why the new design?   

  • "Single plane user interface" eliminates tilting the device to verify a scan
  • The device is 33% lighter than other mobile computers reducing worker fatigue
  • 2-3 shift battery life and easy batter swapping decreases downtime
  • Virtual keypad options and customization allows use in multiple applications and improves accuracy

Through their research, Zebra found that the TC8000 could, on average, increase productivity by 14 percent;  a time savings equivalent to 1 hour per day per worker.  

What are the challenges you're facing in you're warehouse operations?

For more information on the TC8000 and the research conducted by Zebra visit our website.