Zebra MC9300

Zebra MC9300 Mobile Computer Launches

Adam Barbato

By Adam Barbato

MC9300 Android Mobile Computer

Zebra MC9300 Mobile Computer

The MC series has been a long-standing part of manufacturing and warehousing solutions. From the MC9090 and 9190 to the MC9200, these devices provided rugged device support and increased productivity in various areas of business. Now Zebra has launched the MC9300, their first Android only mobile computer and this device is no different with its offerings bringing better productivity and new pieces to better support your business.

MC9300 Performance Highlights

  • The MC9300 comes pre-licensed with All-touch TE which is part of Zebra’s Mobility DNA. All-touch TE is an application designed to take your normal green screen terminal sessions and turn them into a more intuitive, touch friendly, interface without much in the way of configuration on the back end. This makes transitioning away from legacy windows devices easier because you don’t have to worry about your device not being able to interact with your back-end server. MC9300 has a faster processor and larger storage on the device for increased productivity. Applications can run with increased response times than what we see on the other MC devices.

  • The device ships with Android O with support through Q and Zebra offers support and security on the OS with Lifeguard patches.

  • In an effort to address even more rugged device requirements for different situations, the MC9300 also comes in two new versions, the freezer model which is designed for extreme low temp environments like cold storage, and a Class 1 Div. 2 non-incendive model for hazardous location.

  • The batteries are also getting an upgrade, the normal battery has been upgraded to a 7000 mAh battery providing 2x the run time on a single charge. The freezer model also comes with a specially designed freezer battery, designed to function better and longer in freezer environments than normal batteries.

Zebra MC9300 Mobile Computer Stats

The MC9300 while it looks like the older models of MC computers, it is more powerful and more versatile. We are very excited to support this new device and work to make your company even more productive with it.

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