Wireless Site Survey

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Blueprint for Successful Wireless Network Planning

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words. I would also argue that seeing something firsthand is worth even more than a thousand pictures. In the world of manufacturing and distribution there is a seemingly endless combination of facility layout, equipment, inventory, and network infrastructure that affects a good wireless implementation. 

Site Surveys

Because no two customer locations or requirements are the same, it is almost always best to complete a on-site, pre-installation site review.  But sometimes this just isn’t feasible when trying to meet the project budget and/or timeline restraints. ADI provides two different wireless network design services that can stay within these constraints.

Budgetary Estimate

For very small and simple facilities is the wireless network Budgetary Estimate.  For this straightforward solution ADI reviews building layout and photos of the areas where wireless coverage is needed.  After discussing the specific requirements of the network like number of devices, type of network traffic, and potential electrical interference a general network scheme is determined.  The type of access points and antennas are spec’d, along with general placement recommendation of each.  This budgetary estimate is typically reserved for areas less than 20k square feet and little or no internal walls.

Predictive Survey

Predictive Survey, which can be accurate in larger, more complicated environments.  In this case electronic facility diagrams with internal walls and building construction are provided by the customer.  In addition, detailed information about the types of inventory, how it is stored, and the density of the racking or floor locations are gathered by the technician.  From here, we utilize software to provide signal propagation and bandwidth estimates which determine placement and configuration of the access points. 

Certainly the only way to be 100% sure of wireless performance is to complete an onsite assessment and post-installation survey.  But working with experienced, certified wireless technicians who understand implementations for mobile computing can provide very accurate, budget friendly solutions for your data collection project. 

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Author: Tim Gribler, ADI