A Wireless Network Tale

By: Tim Gribler, President - Adaptive Data Inc.

May 15, 2014

“Does our wireless network need updating?"



This was the question asked by Dennis Easter, the IS Director of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.But like Goldilocks in her quest for the perfect bowl of porridge, he received three very different answers.

The first vendor recommended a complete rebuild of their existing wireless including access points, cabling and antennae.The second vendor said everything was fine and no update was needed.When Adaptive Data was asked, our answer was different from the previous two.

To get to the bottom of the of the issue, Adaptive Data conducted an analysis of their entire network.  Working closely with Second Harvest Food Bank to understand their issues and their performance expectations, ADI concluded that their wireless network needed to be configured and one additional access point was needed to give Second Harvest the network performance they were seeking.

  “Tim found the truth. We were in pretty good shape, but did have some issues. He and his team identified the problems and fixed them in the most expedient manner . . .”

                        -Dennis Easter, IS Director, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee

Since 1978, Second Harvest Food Bank has been providing a central distribution center for individuals and organizations alike who wish to provide food for hungry people in Middle Tennessee.To aid them in this mission, Second Harvest food Bank uses Exact ERP software to manage their operation.When their network wasn’t performing as they thought it should, they decided to call in an expert.

Are you facing a similar challenge with your wireless network?  Whether you are starting from the ground up or just need a network update, the experts at ADI can help. 

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