Thank you for contacting Adaptive Data for your Boston Proper labels. See link below to download forms.


CARTON LABEL DETAIL: To order the Carton labels only use the order form on the 2nd tab. The carton labels have a barcode that contains the PO#, Arrival #, and Carton # and are 4” x 1” in size; product information is not required to produce these labels.

  • The Arrival # represents the sequence of the shipment for a particular PO. The first shipment is 1, the second (for backorders) shipment is 2, the third shipment is 3, etc.

  • The Carton numbers increment by 1 digit. So if 10 carton labels are ordered the last digits will be 1, 2, 3, etc. ….thru 10.

*To avoid Rush orders and Rush fees, extra carton labels may be ordered in advance and then discarded if not needed.

BULK ID STICKER/LABEL DETAIL: To order the Bulk ID Stickers and the carton labels complete the order form on the first tab; for the Bulk ID Sticker details use the product details from Boston Proper’s PO; do not use your internal details. The Bulk ID stickers are 2.5” x 1.5”.

LEAD TIME/SHIPPING: Typical lead time is 2 business days plus transit time; all orders ship via UPS from Ohio. Orders are shipped according to the method required to meet your required delivery date. Rush service, same day printing, is also available if the schedule allows for a $10 fee; this fee is waived your first order.

PAYMENT: Credit card or prepayment is required for each order. To pay by credit card, please print the authorization form, have the cardholder complete and sign it, then fax it to 937-436-2344 or email it to To prepay by bank wire submit the completed order form and request a Bank Wire Invoice; note the customer is responsible for all bank wire fees. Prepayment may also be made by check from a US Bank in US Dollars.

SCANNING AND EMAILING CARTON LABELS: Small quantities of carton labels can be scanned and emailed as a 8 ½ x 11 pdf document. However, ADI does not guarantee the barcodes will scan, or be acceptable at Boston Proper, since the label quality depends on the print quality on your end. The scans will need printed on large laser or inkjet labels and then cut to the required 4” x 1” size.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Connie: at or call 937-436-2343 x 28

Traci: at or call 937-436-2343 x 27