Enterprise Label Printing

Everyone is already doing their best; the problems are with the system – only management can change the system.” – W. Edward Deming

How does your organization handle label printing for production, product, compliance, finished goods . . . for labeling across the enterprise?

Labels are a key component in every company, touching every part of your organization and managing label printing across the enterprise can be a daunting, labor-intense undertaking. Beginning in receiving and ending when product is shipped, the information on the label not only needs to be accurate, but also may need to be:

  • Compliant

  • Scanned

  • Branded

  • Informational

  • Or a combination of all or some of the above

ADI POWERPRINT provides the solution.

Enterprise Labeling with POWERPRINT

ADI POWERPRINT provides a simple graphical interface that allows centralized control of data and labeling. One action, which could be a barcode scan, alphanumeric key entry or selection from a drop-down menu and the like, gathers data from one or more sources, automatically populating the label, and printing it.

For a chemical manufacturer in Ohio, POWERPRINT provided the solution.

Case Study - Enterprise Label Printing Simplified with POWERPRINT

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Industry compliance, customer requirements, and international regulations are just a few of the factors driving the complexity of labeling and the need for 100% accuracy. These factors are providing a reason for industry to re-examine their labeling and data management practices and are discovering that looking at label printing as a system rather than a stand-alone activity is providing opportunities to reduce cost, reduce waste and save time.

Benefits of Enterprise Labeling with POWERPRINT

Complex to Simple: POWERPRINT takes different data sets and integrates them into one simple user interface

Wasteful to Efficient: POWERPRINT eliminates off-line printing, bringing label printing production so you only print the labels you need, when you need them.

Uncontrolled to Fully Managed: With POWERPRINT, workflow process and approvals, label formats and label versions are managed through user and group permissions

Cumbersome to Effective: POWERPRINT controls label printing across the enterprise, with the ability to manage the printing from one or many printers located in one or many locations from a centralized user interface

Limited to Scalable: POWERPRINT manages multiple print stations within a single location and across multiple locations

Label Software

BarTender and NiceLabel provide label software that support enterprise labeling.

Recently, BarTender published a white paper, “Strategies for Enterprise Labeling” Really great information and the last case study is an ADI solution!