Chemical Labeling

For many, compliance with GHS guidelines is a reality and has been for some time. This was the case for a specialty chemical manufacturer in Ohio.  However, their diverse product lines and recent acquisitions found them managing over 9,000 label formats. This diversity led to an inefficient labeling processes that was labor intense, error prone and wasteful. They found themselves asking . . .

"How do we do this better?" - Customer Regulatory Specialist

The customer brought ADI in to help.  Looking at their process as a whole, ADI did three things:

  1. Used BarTender label design software to streamline label creation and simplify label printing

  2. Spec'd Neuralog and Epson printers as the right printers for what the customer was doing

  3. Created an interface that consolidated data from multiple sources

The result . . . a streamlined process which is saving the customer time and money!

Printer Options for Chemical Labeling

4-Color Wide Format Printing

The SwiftColor SCL-8000P is a versatile wide-format 4-color printer.  With label widths ranging from 1" to 9.25" and using durable pigment based inks, the SCL-8000P printer will support any chemical labeling needs.




  • 4 color CMYK / BS5609 certified

  • 1" to 9.25" wide | up to 29.88" long

  • Print Speed: Up to 6 inches per second

  • Roll, fanfold, continuous



The Epson C831 inkjet printer is the go-to printer for large format GHS chemical labeling.  The C831 offers flexibility when it comes to chemical and drum labeling requirements, printing durable labels and tags that can withstand the harshest environments.

  • 4 color CMYK / meets BS5609 certification

  • 8.5 inch wide

  • Up to 13.6 pages per minute / 360 x 360 dpi 8" wide mode

  • Rear tractor fed

Click here for the Epson C831 Printer Datasheet

4-Color 4" Wide Printing

For high volume, 4" wide color printing, the Epson C7500 can't be beat.  The C7500 is fast with print speeds up to 11.8 inches per second.  Perfect for high- volume, on-demand color label printing.

  • 4 color CMYK / meets BS5609 certification

  • Media width: 2.0" - 4.25"

  • Print speed: Up to 11.8 inches per second / 1200 x 600 dpi

  • Roll

The Epson C3500 4-color printer offers versatility for printing on-demand color labels.

  • 4 color CMYK / meets BS5609 certification

  • 4.1 inch wide

  • Up to 4 inches per second / 360 x 360 dpi

  • Roll or fanfold, die cut or continuous

Click here for the  Epson C3500 Datasheet


A thermal transfer option for printing GHS labels is the cab XC4 and XC6 printers.  Two in-line thermal transfer printheads, simultaneously prints 2-color labels in one pass.


  • 2 color - black and red

  • Print width: XC4 4.15" | XC6 6.4"

  • 300 dpi

  • Thermal transfer

GHS Label Format

The new GHS format contains 6 important fields:

  1. Product Identify - Name of the product which must match exactly to the Safety Data Sheet

  2. Pictograms - Graphic giving information about the potential hazard of the product

  3. Signal Word - Descriptive word/statement that explains the potential hazard of the product. Examples "Danger" or "Warning"

  4. Hazard Statements - Explanation of the product's potential hazard

  5. Precautionary Statements - Statement that convey information on how to prevent or minimize the negative effects of coming in contact with the product. Precautionary statements fall into 4 categories: prevention, response, storage and disposal.

  6. Supplier Information - Contact information for the manufacturer/supplier of the product including company name, address and telephone number



GHS Friendly Label Design Software

Software is an important part of any GHS compliance solution and Bartender and Niceware label design software make it easy.  Software versions from each include GHS label templates with drag and drop databases for pictograms, signal words, hazard statements etc.  See for yourself!  Download trail versions of either software software.

Bartender - trial version

Nicelabel - trial version

Printers, labels, software . . . ADI has it all and can spec a solution that meets your specific business needs!  Give us a call and let's start the discussion on your GHS label solution!