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Mobile Powered Workstations

When is comes to mobile workstations Newcastle systems has you covered. Mobile workstations are configurable to adapt to any need, bringing the workstation to the point of use for daily activities.

    PowerSwap Nucleus Power System a lightweight lithium portable power pack. The PowerSwap System is ideal for 24/7 operations, with a battery life of 5-7 years, can be hot swapped and is designed to mount to any mobile cart, even those not manufactured by Newcastle Systems.

    Available on both the NB Series and PC Series mobile powered workstations.

    PowerSwap Nucleus Data Sheet




    Series Mobile Powered Workstations

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    The NB Series is Newcastle's mid-sized mobile powered workstation offering. Adjustable shelves with weight capacity up to 75 lbs and Power Swap battery system, the NB mobile workstation can power printers, computers, scales, testers and other hardware for any 24 hour operation.

    An NB Slim Series is also available, measuring 18" wide x 26" long x 42" high.

    NB Series Data Sheet

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    PC Series Mobile Powered Workstations

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    The PC Series is Newcastle's heavy-duty mobile powered workstation offering. With the ability to hold up to 500 lbs, the workstation can carry inventory for all your receiving, labeling, inspecting, and re-routing needs. Improved casters provide 50% improvement in rolling force and slotted upright system allow for quick and easy adjustment of shelves and accessories. 

    PC Series Data Sheet


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