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Gamber-Johnson is a leading manufacturer of rugged mounting solutions for forklift equipment, offering a variety of mounts that can be configured for your specific make and model. Gamber-Johnson offers an assortment of products designed to hold computer displays, laptops, keyboards or bar code scanners. Whether you want to mount your device horizontally on the overhead guard leg, vertically off the overhead guard or anywhere else Gamber-Johnson has a solution that fits any need.  

TabCruzer® Mini: Universal Tablet Cradle

gamber-johnson tabcruzer mini tablet

The TabCruzer Mini is a versatile cradle for mounting consumer-grade tablets.  The cradle is lightweight, yet rugged and can be used for a wide range of tablets, making it a good choice for the warehouse.

  • Adjustable width from 6.9" to 11.2"

  • Adjustable depth from 4.3" to 8.2"

  • Adjustable thickness from 0.2" to 0.7"


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SOTI is the world's most trusted provider of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, with over 15,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide. SOTI's innovative portfolio of solutions and services provide the tools organizations need to truly mobilize their operations and optimize their mobility investments. SOTI's flagship product, MobiControl, allows enterprises to enable, optimize and secure their mobile workforce across all platforms to support corporate-liable and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. SOTI extends secure mobility management beyond basic EMM to provide a total, flexible solution for comprehensive management and security of all mobile devices deployed in an organization.

With Soti MobiControl you get a feature rich tool set that covers all aspects of device management. 

  • Manage - Provision, configure & control mobile assets over the air

  • Track - Locate & track devices anywhere in the world in real-time or historically

  • Monitor - Alerts & audit reports on device status for policy compliance

  • Secure - encrypt data, authenticate corporate access, restrict features and lock down devices

Newcastle Systems



New Castle Systems provide innovative solutions that help to make equipment more mobile and information more readily available across an entire enterprise. Newcastle's full line of mobile powered workstations, accessories and power packages can improve efficiency for a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, warehouse & distribution and retail.

newcastle systems mobile workstation video

Newcastle Systems - Product Lines

newcastle systems rc series mobile powered workstations

RC Series Mobile Powered Workstations - A compact, yet highly versatile mobile workstation with the ability to run a laptop, printer and scanner for 8+ hours.  Perfect in the Warehouse/DC for shipping/receiving, scanning bar codes, generating labels on-demand and updating inventory or in Retail for product and shelf labeling, “line busting”, remote power for sidewalk events and garden centers.

RC Series Datasheet


Newcastle systems NB series mobile powered workstations

NB Series Mobile Powered Workstations - With the ability to run up to 4 devices for 8-12 hours, the NB Series is designed for mobility anywhere in your facility.  Instead of walking back and forth from a desk bound computer to printers and other devices used in tasks such as inventory management, on-demand label printing, process control, cross-docking, weighing etc., all necessary equipment can be brought to where the work is taking place.

NB Series Datasheet


newcastle systems pc series mobile powered workstations

PC Series Mobile Powered Workstations - The heavy-duty, yet modular design holds up to 500 lbs and is easily configurable to adjust to the specific needs of the operator.  Performing inventory management and label printing right as the product is handled results in signficant productivity benefits.  In receiving departments, inbound product can be received in, inspected, labeled and rerouted all on the same picking cart.  This eliminates the product being handled multiple times as well as unnecessary foot steps.

PC Series Datasheet

newcastle systems powerpick station


PowerPick Station - Picking is the most labor intensive and error prone process in the warehouse. The benefits of a mobile picking cart are:

  • 50% increase in productivity when picking, packing and labeling directly to cart

  • Reduce cost to pick order

  • Increase order accuracy


Configuration flexibility makes the PowerPick Station ideal for single line items, batch order picking, manual and RF picking. 

PowerPick Station Datasheet

Download Order Picking Guide Whitepaper

Taylor Made Cases

Taylor Made Cases offers a broad range of cases, holsters and mounting devices that enhance efficiency, productivity and protection of your valuable data collection equipment.  Innovative and customized solutions add value to your mobile, manufacturing, distribution, retail and field service applications.