Ruckus Wireless

Since 2004, Ruckus Wireless has been a pioneer and an innovator in the wireless infrastructure market. Ruckus redefines what’s possible in wireless network performance with flexibility, reliability, and affordability.

Ruckus Unleashed Controller-less WiFi

New to the Ruckus product line is the Unleashed series of Access Points.  Targeted towards small to medium sized businesses, the Unleashed AccessPpoints provide the same high-quality Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi that you know and love, but at a lower cost.

Unleashed R500 Access Point Datasheet (dual band, 2x2:2)

Unleashed R600 Access Point Datasheet (dual band, 3x3:3)

Unleashed T300 Access Point Datasheet (outdoor use)

Unleashed T301 Access Point Datasheet (outdoor use, directed coverage)

Unleashed T310 Access Point Datasheet (dual band)

Ruckus Wireless Solutions for Warehouse and Logistics

Wireless local area networks are quickly becoming the preferred network backbone for application and device connectivity. Reliability and speed of the network are of the utmost importance. But in the warehouse, keeping the network running at optimum efficiency is a challenge to say the least, as warehouses are in a constant state of flux.

At the heart of the Ruckus solution is their patented Smart Wi-Fi technology and its unique ability to extract unmatched capacity and reliability out of the 802.11 standards. This technology provides a solution to all the challenges you face in the warehouse.

SmartMesh Technology – Ruckus’ SmartMesh technology utilizes best path selection and interference avoidance techniques to ensure reliable and uninterrupted coverage in the

ZoneFlex Technology – this patented adaptive antenna technology selects the best signal path, adapting to mobile workers and changing warehouse configurations. The payoff is consistent and predictable performance.

Ruckus ZoneFlex systems offer the following benefits:

  • Adaptive antenna technology offers consistent and predictable Wi-Fi performance by automatically selecting the best signal path even though devices are moving and warehouse configurations are changing

  • Patented, high-gain, directional adaptive antenna array creates un-matched "wire-like" performance resulting in the need for 30-50% less access points required to get the coverage required

  • Real-time location systems (RTLS) is easily implemented to track and manage all business assets.

  • One of the most advanced feature sets making the WLAN system simpleto install; configured in minutes and deployed in hours

With Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi you can count on unparalleled connectivity and consistent performance.

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