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What is adi POWERPRINT? 

adi POWERPRINT is a system designed to automate label printing in production. Through the use of a custom user interface, label printing processes are streamlined, automated and can be integrated with existing ERP platforms currently in use.  

There are 3 versions of adi POWERPRINT, one to fit your particular labeling needs.  The video shows a POWERPRINT Enterprise solution.

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Enterprise is a fully integrated printing system with connections to multiple data sources. Perfect for line-side printing when integrated with production software enabling scheduling, job selection, serialization and more, all in real-time.

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POWERPRINTConnect is a server-based printing system with printer-to-printer control. Connection to a single database with label printing driven by one of several automated functions.

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POWERPRINT Solo is a stand-alone printing system typically used for label printing only. No database connection. Data is key entered or resides on the printer itself.

Art Metal, a manufacturer of metal parts, was looking for a way to automate data retrieval for label printing after the receipt of raw material.  Before PowerPrint, their process required key entry of multiple data points including lot number and item number.  The process was time consuming and full of errors. 

Using PowerPrint Connect, a custom user interface was developed, integrating raw material receipt labeling with their current ERP system. By automating the process with PowerPrint, labeling errors have virtually been eliminated!

adi PowerPrint delivers greater accuracy and flexibility in the printing process

Accuracy is increased when processes are streamlined and automated.  ADI POWERPRINTcan connect label printing to one or more data sources allowing for automatic data retrieval which minimizes manual data entry where errors often occur.

Flexibility also comes with automating label production and that is no more evident than with the Enterprise version of PowerPrint where labeling requirements can be adjusted on the fly as production needs change, eliminating

Smart Printing

What is Smart Printing and Why It Makes Sense? 

Smart printing refers to the ability of the printer to run independently of a host computer.  The programming ability resides within the printer, thus making it intelligent.  Because the printer is "intelligent", smart printing solutions are very customizable and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.  Smart printing gives you the flexibility to install printers where it makes the most sense for your organization, not where PC placement or network access dictates.

See how Zumbiel Packaging leverages Smart Printing.

The list of "smart printing" applications is varied and includes shipping and shipment verification, work-in-process, material management, label and form printing for product identification, merchandise tags, receipts, shelf labels, shipping labels, invoices, ingredient labels, material lists and much, much more.

Intelligent printing solutions are available in stationary and portable printers, bringing real-time information to workers both inside and outside the four walls.

Utilizing the intelligence of a “smart” printer offers multiple opportunities for costs savings across your enterprise. Contact us on how you can take advantage of this smart solution.

Top 10 Reasons Why Smart Printing is a Good Idea:

  • #10 - Enables printing in harsh environments where PCs would fail.
  • #9 - Offers scalability, which allows enterprises to change printing processes without having to replace hardware.
  • #8 - Operates in mobile environments where there is no access to network connections.
  • #7 - Simplify troubleshooting and increases uptime with self-management features of printer.
  • #6 - Printer operates as a centralized controller for peripheral devices including barcode scanners, scales reducing redundancy in your operation.
  • #5 - Allows line-side printing.
  • #4 -  Increases efficiency by providing on-demand, variable data output for items such as shipping labels, shelf labels, work orders, receipts, invoices etc.
  • #3 - Reduces total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase, install and maintain additional PCs.
  • #2 - Stream-lined processes improve productivity and reduce the opportunity for error. And the 
  • #1 reason why intelligent printing is a smart idea . . . Quick ROI adds profit to your bottom line!

Honeywell offers a wide variety of programmable printers for smart printing applications.  Contact us to learn more.