Soft Surroundings Compliant Labels

Thank you for contacting Adaptive Data for your Soft Surroundings labels. See link below to download forms.


Standard Processing Time: 2 business days for orders submitted by email as an Excel file attachment. Orders requiring data entry may take up to 4 business days to process.

Pricing & Payment: Estimates will be provided before orders are processed. Payment can be made by VISA, AMEX and Mastercard; credit card authorization form is locate in the label order workbook or download it here. Pre-payment may also be made by check from a US Bank in US dollars, or by bank wire; note all wire fees are payable by the customer – typically about $46 - $50 total. 

Label Order workbook: The Excel workbook contains seven tabs: Please submit all orders as an Excel file attachment; MAC Excel files and PDF files are not compatible with our barcode software and are subject to data entry fees. PO details may be provided on a separate Excel spreadsheet if more convenient.

All labels shipping to the same address should be ordered on the same spreadsheet. Please follow the column heading and order check list instructions very closely to ensure your labels are printed in compliance with Soft Surroundings’ requirements; the customer is responsible for providing accurate detail.

Order Check List: Please review this list before submitting orders; it is provided for your internal use to help ensure orders are correct and complete before being submitted. Correct and complete orders will help ensure the detail on the labels is compliant and will avoid data entry charges and delays in processing orders.

Size Chart: Sizes must be entered on the label order exactly as shown in the attached Size Chart; use the Retail Size column for retail orders and the Catalog Size column for the catalog orders. The sizes may be copied and pasted from the chart into the Excel order form. If you do not see a format that matches your size options please contact Soft Surroundings for instructions.

Carton Labels: These labels have a barcode that contains the PO#, Arrival #, and Carton # and are 4” x 1” in size. 

  • The Arrival # represents the sequence of the shipment for a particular PO. The first shipment is 1, the second (for backorders) shipment is 2, the third shipment is 3, etc.   

  • The Carton numbers increment by 1 digit. So if 10 carton labels are ordered the last digits will be 1, 2, 3, etc. ….thru 10.

  • Extra carton labels may be ordered and then discarded if not needed.

Retail Price Tickets (Gummies): Barcoded Price Tickets are required for all orders shipping to the Retail facility; note these are not required for Catalog orders. 

Data Entry: Data Entry services are available at $1 for each sku, each PO. For this service please provide pdf copies of the Soft Surrounding’s PO’s and the label order form with the top section completed.

International Shipments: All import taxes and duties are due and payable by the recipient.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Connie: at or call 937-436-2343 x 28

Traci: at or call 937-436-2343 x 27