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Software and services are a key element in offering our clients an end-to-end solution. ADI does site surveys, business process analyses, project installation, training and more and has strong partnerships with key software providers.   


BarTender 2019 is here!

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Regardless of which BarTender version you’re using, ADI can assist you in getting the most out of your BarTender investment. Contact the experts at ADI about:

  • Data Integration

  • Creating and Editing

  • Creating and Using Data Entry Forms

  • Upgrades and Updates

BarTender Software Versions

BarTender® Professional Edition

Designed for departments and small businesses, the BarTender® Professional Edition offers an easy user interface, enabling RFID encoding and more sophisticated label and card designs that leverage content from databases, spreadsheets and other files.

BarTender® Automation Edition

Designed for businesses that want to increase efficiency by automating their printing, the BarTender® Automation Edition offers the full power of Intelligent Templates plus the ability to launch printing from other programs.

BarTender® Enterprise Automation Edition

Designed for businesses that require complete connectivity and control of their printing environment, the BarTender® Enterprise Automation Edition delivers our most powerful collection of features, including integration with SAP and Oracle, mobile printing from iOS and Android devices, and centralized management of printing, security and administration. 


Launched in July 2016, NiceLabel 2017 not only offers design and print options, but also a powerful way to control and manage your entire label operation.

Source: NiceLabel

Source: NiceLabel

Designer Express / Designer Pro

Design & Print - With Microsoft Word-like look and functionality, NiceLabel Designer is intuitive and easy to use.  With various built-in compliance label templates, intelligent features like relative object positioning and variable label length, and multi-language support, label design has never been easier.

While label designs happens occasionally, printing on the other hand happens far more frequently.  NiceLabel Print provides a simple to use interface that allows operators to quickly and accurately print labels.

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PowerForms / PowerForms Suite

Design & Controlled Print - In addition to the functionality of Designer Pro, the PowerForms license automates the design and print operations, allowing users to develop custom printing front-end and integrate the print operation with existing business systems right within the software . . . no programmer needed!  The result is more streamlined complex printing processes, with less errors and mislabeling.   

The benefits of NiceLabel Automation are numerous:

  • Allows users to integrate and automate printing from existing business systems without coding

  • Accepts and transforms data in any format

  • Dynamic label templates work across thousand of printer models, substantially reducing the number of label templates needed

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LMS Pro / LMS Enterprise

Managed Design & Controlled Print - NiceLabel LMS offers everything you need to standardize, centralize and control your labeling operation.  

The Document Management System: Control Center is an HTML5 web application that provides a browser-based user interface for:

  • Secure centralized storage

  • Automatic version control

  • Secure role-based access control

  • Secure electronic approval workflows

  • Full traceability through historical reporting options and more!

Web Printing System: PowerForms Web - allows all manual printing applications to be centrally deployed and scaled business wide with a single click.

Integrated Printing System: Automation - Seamlessly integrates printing into your SAP, Oracle and other business applications maintaining a single source of truth for your labeling data.  The all-in-one server architecture in NiceLabel Automation Enterprise includes business connectors, data transformation, business rules and workflows, a print engine and load balancing for high volume environments.   

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Reducing costs across the enterprise is the mantra for every organization these days.  NiceLabel's white paper, "Adopting Next Generation Labeling Technology Enhances Enterprise Agility and Reduces Cost" talks about the importance of streamlining label printing in the enterprise.  Here's an excerpt . . .

Labeling is frequently considered a background process that doesn’t get any attention until it causes a problem. As a result, bar code and RFID labeling practices and software have become dated at many enterprises failing to keep pace with changing business needs. Migrating from decentralized labeling to a modern, centralized solution generally helps organizations in four ways . . .

Read the White Paper

Have questions about which software is best for you?  Contact us: 937-436-2343

ADI has partnered with Tagit Solutions, to compliment our RFID offering.  Among the many benefits of Tagit Solutions software, is visibility into what's happening in your organization.  Are you looking for:


  • Material to finished goods visibility

  • Inventory visibility

  • Asset visibility

Tagit can provide this visibility and more.

Labeling software expertise - For years, ADI has worked with label creation and automation software like BarTender, NiceLabel and others.  Though this type of software is pretty standard, it does have many advanced features that ADI can help with.

Intelligent printing programming - ADI has written numerous Smart Printing programs for Intermec printers. Fully customized to meet your specific needs, this smart printing applications are a cost-effective way of streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.     


Pre-Sale Services

Listening is a very power tool.  For ADI, understanding how your business is currently operating is the foundation to understanding what is needed to help you achieve your goals.  Look to ADI for the following services:


  • Business Process Analysis

  • Wireless site surveys and network analysis

  • RFID site surveys

  • Label design and printing analysis

Installation and Training

So you've received the hardware . . . now what?  ADI has you covered.  We will install and train your team on any solution you buy from us.  Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Network and printing infrastructure installation

  • Location label and placard installation

  • System configuration, testing, and documentation

  • RF terminal user training and documentation

  • Label printer and software user training

Post-Sale Support

ADI provides on-going support for our solutions.

  • On-site printer service and maintenance

  • On-site network service

  • Remote and on-site trouble-shooting

  • Depot printer/terminal repair/PMs

  • Software upgrades