Warehouse Solutions

Your warehouse is an ever changing environment and tracking what your have and its location is the ultimate goal. Barcode, RFID, and labeling technologies help you do that.

Warehouse management is at the heart of any supply chain. The ability to quickly measure, manage, and communicate product movement is a key and provides innovative companies with a competitive advantage and can transform your warehouse from cost center to profit center.  

Here's how technology can help in these areas:

  • Wireless Networking

  • Data Collection

  • Printing

  • Labeling

Wireless Networking for Warehousing

Your wireless network is the backbone of your warehousing operation, so it's important your network performs all-day, every day without interruption.  You count on real-time information for decision making that keeps your organization running at maximum efficiency.  But with the consistently changing nature of a warehouse, networking can be a challenge.

No question, the hardware is important in any network solution.  But a clear understanding of how your warehouse needs to function to support your business is important also.  That's where Professional Services from ADI can help.  ADI offers a variety of professional services including business process analysis and network analysis as part of the solution.

Whether you are starting from the ground up with a new network or need a refresh of your existing network, the experts at ADI can help!

Data Collection for Warehousing

Data collection devices for warehousing cover a broad range from handheld mobile devices to vehicle mount computers.  Motorola, Intermec, Honeywell and Janam are all leading manufactures of data collection equipment for warehousing.  ADI is partnered with these manufactures and more, enabling us to configure a solution to meet your specific warehousing needs.

Handheld Mobile Computers

The groundbreaking TC8000 warehouse mobile computer was designed from the ground up to increase worker productivity by 14 percent.  With a breakthrough ergonomic design (33% lighter than traditional models) and an extensive list of productivity-enhancing innovations, the TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer adds an extra hour of productivity per worker to the workday. 

TC8000 Datasheet

When workload demands shift unexpectedly, Intermec's CK71 will give your customers the flexibility to re-deploy staff without consideration to the tools needed to get the job done. With the CK71, workers will be able to quickly and confidently transition to tasks that require near or far scanning, speech, voice, and image capture, without wasting time finding and re-orienting themselves on unfamiliar devices.

Zebra MC9200.png

Zebra/Symbol  - The MC9200 once again raises the bar on rugged mobile computing and device flexibility, with your choice of three operating systems, the ability to switch between operating systems, seven of our most advanced scan engines, six interchangeable keypads and plenty of power to support today’s highly-graphical applications.  The SE4850 scan engine enables the capture of bar codes from 3 inches to as far as 70 feet away, giving you the flexibility to read any bar code in your warehouse environment.   

Vehicle Mount Computers

Honeywell's Thor VM1 vehicle mount computer, the ideal forklift computer, outdoes the competition with design breakthroughs. In today’s supply chain, the only constant is change. Disruptions, whether short-term like a forklift failure, or long-term like a natural disaster, are a fact of life. The supply chains best prepared to adapt to these disruptions will use mobile computing technology that gives them greater flexibility. The Thor VM1 vehicle mount computer (VMC), part of the tenth generation of VMC developed by Honeywell, provides unprecedented flexibility in a mobile computer.

Ideally suited for warehouse, port and yard process automation, the Thor VM2 vehicle-mount computer from Honeywell builds upon the best-in -class Thor VM1, by offering an additional form factor, but still delivering the same reliable performance you've come to expect in your supply chain applications. The Thor VM2 offers businesses a comprehensive route to dramatic operational improvements.

The VC70N0 from Zebra is built to handle the demands of life on the vehicle, giving operators the real-time information needed to achieve a new level of accuracy and productivity. Every movement of every item can be tracked with a quick scan of the barcode as it is stored on warehouse shelves, removed for delivery to the production line, or packed and shipped to fulfill an order.


In warehousing, scanning long distances is mandatory.  Several scanners stand out for their ability to scan near and far.

The Granit 1980i (tethered) and 1981i (cordless) from Honeywell is an industrial-grade full range laser scanner with a scan range from 3.5 inches to 54 feet. Perfect for the demands of the warehouse! Granit 1980i Datasheet   Granit 1981i Datasheet   


The DS3608-ER (corded) and DS3678-ER (cordless) is the newest addition to the scanner portfolio from Zebra.  With a read range from 3 inches to 70 feet, the 3600 is a great choice for any warehouse or DC.  Picking, cross-docking, or on the forklift, the DS36X8-ER can do it all!     DS36X8 Fact Sheet

Printing for Warehousing

Printing solutions for warehousing range from industrial, high volume printers to small, lightweight portable printers for the worker on the move. Both have a very significant place in the warehousing environment.

Industrial Printers for Warehousing

Industrial printers are built to meet the demands of a warehouse operation even if it is running 24/7.  Here are some of the workhorse barcode printers for warehousing:

Intermec's PM series mid-range industrial printers are ideal for a wide range of applications within the distribution and warehouse manufacturing environments.  As the third generation of Intermec industrial printers, the rugged PM Series incorporated features that increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

The recently launched ZT410 (4″ printer) and ZT420 (6″ printer) are the newest addition to the Zebra Technologies Z Series industrial printers. The ZT400 Series builds on the field-proven reliability of the Z Series with advancements in print speed, print quality and connectivity options.


TSC America's MX240 Series Industrial Printer is ruggedly built for high volume, mission critical, label printing. Featuring our fastest processor ever, the MX240 Series boosts productivity with faster communications and printing speeds. The MX240 Series is ideal for applications including manufacturing, logistics, shipping, and product identification.

Mobile Printers for Warehousing

Increasingly mobile printing in the warehouse is seen as a effective way to reduce costs in an organization.  The time and labor saved by moving the print operation to the point of use is key.  Some very common processes can be greatly improved with a mobile printing makeover.

Receiving -  With mobile label printers, productivity and accuracy improves because product is being labeled at point of receipt. And the accurate labeling of incoming goods at point of receipt ensures that when scanning processes are required down the line, goods are able to be accurately identified.

Putaway - An integrated system allows workers to initiate labels requests by entering information into a handheld computer. In real time, the data is transmitted inventory is updated and returns the information required to produce the barcode or RFID label.

Picking - Picking operations also benefit from wireless-enabled mobile printers because they enable operators to pick multiple orders simultaneously within a small zone. This reduces “empty travel time” and increases productivity. Mobile printers are used to generate labels for each item picked which can then be scanned in staging or packaging areas and expedites the sorting for specific shipments.

Finished Goods Packaging and Shipping - Printing at the point of use helps improves efficiencies during kitting or light assembly tasks or when workers place items into packaging. When assembly or packing is complete, the worker can use the mobile printer to generate a label of the finished goods.

Interested in reading more about what Zebra Technologies has to say on the benefits of mobile printing?  Download the white paper below.

Mobile Printing Streamlines Supply Chain and Warehouse Processes

Labeling for Warehousing

Pre-Print Labeling for Warehousing


Need warehouse isle signs, rack labels, or warehouse floor labels? 

Looking for asset tags for equipment, magnetic warehouse labels, metal barcode labels or reflective barcode labels? 

ADI is your source for these and more!

For more than a decade, Adaptive Data Inc. has been providing data collection solutions that give you the information you need to effectively manage your warehouse operations.

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